dimanche 11 octobre 2020


 Musique for R.PANIS: http://www.rpanis-anthropos.fr/

jeudi 10 septembre 2020

Technical test

 Presentation of the new live preformance, SETTON-PROJECTION II. Mostly technical presentation.
Using a minimal setup, for the most versatility possible.

Only 1 laptop without external synth or devices (as the previous video synth), an d only 1 controler.
Adaptability to the context:
- numbers of speakers (stereo to any numbers)
- number of video-projector (1 to 4)

Using only MAX for audio and video, with some IRCAM tools:
Antescofo, MUBU, SPAT.

vendredi 31 juillet 2020

Who is SEETTON ?

SEETTON is a side-project of Raphaël PANIS, dedicated to experiment audio and video. Including the creation of an audio/video performance using a home made video synthesizer that is able to generate video for 4 screens.

Some concerts and exhibitions :
Installation for 4 screens : Villa Plaisance – ANNECY. August 2018.
Immersive installation : Festival Texture – St ETIENNE. Mars 2018.

AV performance :
IRL-Performance - PARIS. 13 December 2014.
Festival Vision'R 2014 / Photophore - TREMBLAY-EN-FRANCE. 23 October 2014.
Festival des Empreintes Sonores - ANNECY. October 2013.


Raphaël PANIS is an Acousmatic composer. He also made some experimetal videos:
Fall in...https://vimeo.com/314960613
Festival Modulations. CHAMBERY.
Dérapage 19. SAT, MONTREAL.
Les Instants Video 2019. MARSEILLE.


mercredi 6 mai 2020